Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

If you would like to continue loading when an error is encountered, use other values such as 'SKIP_FILE' or 'CONTINUE' for the ON_ERROR option. For more information on loading options, please run 'info loading_data' in a SQL client.

This error happens when you try to load data into a snowflake table from a stage where the table format may not be respecting the data schema in the file.

Usually the error comes with the name of the columns causing the issue something like :

Numeric value '' is not recognized File 'citibike-trips/trips_2013_0_0_0.csv.gz', line 29, character 106 Row 29, column "TRIPS"["END_STATION_ID":8]

This is the command to load data :

copy into trips from @citibike_trips

you can try to ignore the errors as the following :

copy into trips from @citibike_trips

Further analysis may be required to check data quality of the file.

By Amine Hallam

Author & blogger on the latest data analytics technologies: Hadoop, Snowflake, Cloud ( AWS ), ETL .. etc

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