Sun. Mar 7th, 2021
Snowflake CLI

Before starting, i wanted to share for windows user how to install the SnowSQL :


Download Links for windows , take latest one :

to customize the usage , you can open file browser and paste this :


Step 1 : start your command line ( cmd ) and type snowsql

Step 2 : connect to your snowflake account

  • Connect with login & password : type
    • snowsql -a
  • Connect through Okta ( SSO ) :
    • snowsql --authenticator -a
  • Connect to specific Schema/DB/Warehouse through Okta :
    • snowsql --authenticator -a -d DATABASE -s SCHEMA -w WAREHOUSE -r ROLE

RUN Snowflake SQL queries in command-line

  • snowsql --authenticator -a -d DATABASE -s SCHEMA -w WAREHOUSE -r ROLE -f file.sql

Exit command line : ctrl +d

By Amine Hallam

Author & blogger on the latest data analytics technologies: Hadoop, Snowflake, Cloud ( AWS ), ETL .. etc

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