Sun. Apr 11th, 2021
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Talend job – Sync DB & Hubspot

In this short post, i will show you how you can insert and update data from a local or cloud DB into hubspot

Hubspot is a famous CRM, customer relationship management system , in order to have all your legacy and internal data sync with hubspot, you may need to create a pipeline that runs periodically and sync all data.

This will help you see all the history for any customer interacting with your business.

First of, Hubspot propose an API here so you can sync all your contacts.

In Talend you can create a delta feed between you DB and the hubspot to only update / insert the differences, to avoid mass inserts and updates, and also to avoid the API limits of your Hubspot API.

In order to insert automatic way, you will have to run POST method as the following using tREST component of Talend

Data in the body must be in json format.

" {
            \"email\": \""+((String)globalMap.get(""))+"\",
            \"firstname\": \""+((String)globalMap.get("row1.first_name"))+"\",
            \"lastname\": \""+((String)globalMap.get("row1.last_name"))+"\",
            \"subscription_level\": \""+((String)globalMap.get("row1.sub"))+"\",
            \"lifecyclestage\": \"subscriber\",
            \"contact_type\": \"Lead\",
            \"hs_lead_status\": \"OPEN_DEAL\",
            \"lead_source\": \"Website\"


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